3D Immersive Experience and VR Tours

3D Immersive Tours - Your 24/7 Virtual Open House

Go into your next listing presentation with a secret weapon.  The Matterport 3D and Virtual Reality experience is a completely immersive tour that allows buyers to explore your listing from anywhere in the world, as if they are actually there; a virtual 24/7 open house!  

Using next gen technology and cutting edge color and depth capturing sensors, we scan all the interior spaces of your listing and stitch the entire property together to create an immersive, 3D model that can be easily explored on any computer, tablet or phone - anytime, from anywhere.

Engage buyers. Delight sellers.  Offer the latest real estate marketing technology to win more customers and sell more homes.

(3D Tour Samples):


Up to 1500 Sq. Ft. - $165

1501 - 2000 Sq Ft.  $195

2001 - 3000 Sq Ft.  $225

3001 - 4000 Sq Ft.  $265



Q: How long does it take to scan a property?

A: Generally between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the property size, and layout.

Q: What needs to be done to prepare for the scan?

A:  The preparations are similar to those for a photography or video shoot (click here for the “preparing for a shoot” guide.  The biggest difference is that since the camera “sees” 360 degrees and is constantly rotating, it’s important that people and pets not be present during the shoot.  This might require asking your sellers to relocate for an hour or two.

Q:  How quickly will I get the finished product?

A:  We will send the finished tour to you within 24 hours of the shoot.

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