Floor Plans and Virtual Staging

The Ultimate Visualization and Renovation Tools

Floor Plans:

2D floor plans allow buyers to instantly see how rooms fit together, room sizes, and the flow of the living space.  These 2D floor plans are great for revealing remodeling opportunities!  This is an inexpensive, high value item you can offer your buyers and sellers to set you apart.  (Floor plans available only as add-on to 3D tour).

Price: $35
2D Example


3D Floor plans are the ultimate tool for helping buyers visualize space.  Wow your buyers and sellers with this unique service!

Price: $95
Example (3D floor plan)


Virtual staging:

This is a great way to showcase a beautiful room that is either unfurnished, or too cluttered to fully showcase its features.  

Price: $105 per photo
Example (virtual staging image)


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